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 The makings of the region's top    festival, event     and concert     


Mandolinist Brad Bays, known throughout the highest echelons of all forms of music in Arizona (even the symphony) brings a massive catalog of styles, techniques and influences to the already eclectic mix of the band's repertoire. It is immediately seen that Brad brings extraordinary color, excitement, and precision to the show. 

Anchoring the musicality of the show is Rob Gibbs, a truly gifted banjoist, guitarist, harmonica guy, and singer-songwriter.  Whether leading with precise Scruggs-style banjo, weaving soulful harmonica passages or driving solos on guitar, Gibbs is arguably among the most talented and tasteful multi-instrumentalists anywhere. As if not enough, Rob's vocal stylings are nothing short of superb.


Bassist Tom Wehr caught a Thunder & Lightnin' show in November of 2017 while visiting from Pennsylvania. He made his wishes clear stating that once moved to Arizona in the following spring he wanted to provide the bottom end from his bass guitar. Arriving as expected, he came fully familiar with the band's repertoire and an outstanding vocal presentation. There was no saying no.

Add Steve Estes on guitars and vocals - a true entertainer lifetime bringing knowhow honed from years of solo performing and band management. Alternating symphonic and percussive treatments on 6 and 12-string guitars, Estes drives the rhythm and leads the pace of Thunder & Lightnin's dynamic, harmony-filled shows.

Photos:  Vyto Starinskas

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