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Bright Lights, Big City

Though Phoenix gets plenty of booming fireworks during the Monsoons, until recently the Valley has never experienced anything like Thunder & Lightnin' - much less all that noise from up the holler.

That all changed last February 2nd, with the trio's first metro area appearance at The Listening Room Phoenix. Met with boisterous applause, hoots and whistles, Belita, Rob and Steve delivered a tight two hour concert that covered bluegrass favorites, the Spencer Davis Group, the Neville Brothers, the Beach Boys and tens of other styles. The crowd was especially responsive to the 14 originals songs from their recently released debut studio album,"Thunder & Lightnin' - a noise from up the holler".

As reviewed by fiddler extraordinaire Tony Cook:

"Thunder & Lightning . . . put on a great show last night in Phoenix at The Listening Room. . . Three of us were treated to a fine mix of eclectic Americana as well as a few Pop songs with suspicious bluegrass underscore. I've heard this trio before, but I was pleasantly surprised how polished the whole show was. The three offered up great three-part vocals that mixed nicely with Steve's impeccable guitar playing, Belita's tasty fiddle playing, and then capped off with Ron's perfectly complimentary banjo, guitar and [amazing] harmonica. What more can I say, besides revealing my intention of making a beeline for the next venue they are scheduled to play that I can attend. Bravo."

The entire show was live streamed and saved to hi-def video in a 6-camera environment, synced to hi-def audio. In the weeks to come finished products from this combined concert venue/sound stage will begin surfacing for everybody's enjoyment and as promotional materials for future concert and festival engagements.

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