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Thunder & Lightnin': 2 Ways to Get Struck

Tom Wehr - Putting the Boom into Thunder

Thunder & Lightnin' has added the ability to appear either in their traditional 3-piece act or as 4 pieces, dubbed "the big band".

As a visitor from Pennsylvania, Tom Wehr caught a Thunder & Lightnin' show in Prescott in November of 2017. Vowing to return in a few months once his new house is built, he made his wishes clear. Tom wanted to be the boom in the thunder. Returning in the spring, he came prepared having rehearsed the band's material and ready with great vocals and a turnkey capability to jump right in to their tight 3-part harmonies. There was no saying no.

The result is a fatter, fuller instrumental sound and a flowing, pulsing beat beneath the lead and rhythm instruments.

He could not have timed things better, as fiddle gal Belita was transitioning to part-time status. She continues to appear at a number of events where "the big band" is most appropriate and at other times with the trio.

The result is the flash of lightnin' and a rolling thunder to bring home the band's distinctive Root-Americana sound.

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